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When you are little, people always ask you the biggest question that most kids really can’t  comprehend - “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. Children often naively answer something different every time: A Doctor! A Cop! A Rockstar! A Superhero! A Dancer! A Veterinary! A Firefighter! An Astronaut! A Teacher! etc; but when you actually grow up that uncertainty doesn’t feel too far from reality, sometimes we get there and we still don’t know what we should study in college, in what kind of job we’ll fit best or maybe we’re just unsure if we are meant to pursue something we already worked toward. Lucky are the ones who have the self-awareness soon enough to choose...

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I don’t know what she likes! Gift Ideas for women

If you are like most men and you have never noticed what your girlfriend, wife, even your mom, a family member, a work colleague, your boss or any girl  likes and now you are in a hurry looking for the best present for her that will make you look like you are aware of her fashion taste, don’t worry, it's not that hard! I’ll guide you through this uncertain path until you find the perfect gift for her so you may live happily ever after. First of all and the most important question you need to answer is: Who is it for? In this case It doesn’t matter if it is a wedding anniversary gift, birthday present, valentines  or christmas...

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